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How to use a template

Using a template is simple, you start by adding '{{' (as in {{), then you add the template name, i,e {{TownInfobox}}, that adds the template.

To use the templates parameters you do '|parametername = value', for example, say I wanted to make a town page and add the town name parameter, I would do

{{TownInfobox |name = Town Name Goes Here }}

and if I wanted to add more information, I would do

{{TownInfobox |name = Town Name Goes Here |population = 100 |chunks = 100 }}

All templates will have documentation on each parameter and its purpose.

Types of templates

Usually templates you would be using are called infoboxes, these are displayed on the right or sometimes left of a page and display importing and summarised info of a topic. Other templates could involve flag templates, i.e {{GER}} adding a German flag.

* Towns/nations/groups/organisations/entities/players can have their own flag templates too.

Creating a template

You make a template the same way you make a page, but you just add Template: before the name, that is it, that is literally it. You also must add the appropriate categories and always add [[Category:Templates]] at the bottom of the page.

Template naming standards

Main articles: Naming Standards

Templates follow a common naming standard across Earth500 to help with simplicity and continuity. English is the predominant language of the wiki and such all page names need to be in English, same with how all page content must be in English too.


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