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Earth500's Wiki
Encyclopaedia comprising of Earth500's history and lore!

"An Earth server - not all politics.", a world-building Earth server revolved around the players who build it


Welcome to the Earth500 Wiki! The wiki hopes to compile a collection of all of the Earth500 lore, please note this wiki is public and anyone can edit any article to contribute or add too it. Earth500 itself aims to be a world-building earth server built on establising a player-decided history. All players are free and welcomed to add too the wiki and contribute, writing about their character, their history, their towns: nations; battles; wars; buildings etc.

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About Earth500's Wiki

The Earth500 is the go-to place for all things Earth500, everything about the server's history, past and present, locations, wars, players and other is documented here and explained. Players can write articles about their towns or nations or their history, players can write and contribute to articles of events they were (or weren't) in. Everyone is allowed to edit and improve the wiki, the wiki is public and free to use for everybody to contribute too as long as your contributions are accurate and helpful. The Earth500 wiki also hopes to explain how some of the plugins work, how the server works and how to use the server.

Earth500 itself is a Minecraft Earth server featuring a 1:325 Earth map and largely focusing on world building, featuring additions like guns and armours from all nations, custom armours, custom weapons, custom enchantments and vehicles for players to use and put down. Players are able to establish their own towns and nations and build up their part of the world. It is not all geo-politics, we like world building and writing a rich intuitive lore for the server, where players decide their own story and contribute it to the bigger picture.

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